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She was badly decomposed but still identifiable. An inquest was carried out at the Cock Inn at Polstead which still stands todaywhere Maria was formally identified by her sister Ann from some physical characteristics. Her hair and some clothing were recognisable, and she was known to be missing a tooth which was also absent from the jawbone of the corpse. Evidence was uncovered to implicate Corder in the crime: Ayres was assisted by James Lea, an officer of the London police who later led the investigation into " Spring-heeled Jack ".

Thomas Hardy noted the Dorset County Chronicle's report of his capture: A search of the house uncovered a pair of pistols supposedly bought on the day of the murder; some letters from a Mr Gardener, which may have contained warnings about the discovery of the crime; and Sluts in eriswell passport from the French ambassador, evidence which suggested that Corder may have been preparing to flee. The trial started on 7 Augusthaving been put back several days because of the interest which the case had generated. The hotels in Bury St Edmunds began to fill up from as early as 21 July, and admittance to the court was by ticket only because of the large numbers who wanted to view the trial.

Despite this, the judge and court officials still had to push their way bodily through the crowds that had gathered around the door. The judge was the Chief Baron of the ExchequerWilliam Alexander, who was unhappy with the coverage given to the case by the press "to the manifest detriment of the prisoner at the bar". Marten's exact cause of death could not be established. It was thought that a sharp instrument had been plunged into her eye socket, possibly Corder's short sword, but this wound could also have been caused by her father's spade when he was exhuming the body. Strangulation could not be ruled out, as Corder's handkerchief had been discovered around her neck; to add to the confusion, the wounds to her body suggested that she had been shot.

The indictment charged Corder with "murdering Maria Marten, by feloniously and wilfully shooting her with a pistol through the body, and likewise stabbing her with a dagger. Ann Marten was called to give evidence of the events of the day of Maria's disappearance and her later dreams. Thomas Marten then told the court how he had dug up his daughter, and Maria's year-old brother George revealed that he had seen Corder with a loaded pistol before the alleged murder and later had seen him walking from the barn with a pickaxe. Lea gave evidence concerning Corder's arrest and the objects found during the search of his house.

He admitted to being in the barn with Maria, but said that he had left after they argued. He claimed that he heard a pistol shot while he was walking away, and that he ran back to the barn to find her dead with one of his pistols beside her.

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He pleaded with the jury to give him the benefit of the doubt, but after they retired, it took them only 35 minutes to return with a guilty verdict. That you be taken back to the prison from whence you came, and that you be taken from thence, on Monday next, to a place of Execution, and that you there be hanged by the Neck until you are Dead; and that your body shall afterwards be dissected and anatomized ; and may the Lord God Almighty, of his infinite goodness, have mercy on your soul! He finally confessed after several meetings with the prison chaplainentreaties from his wife, and pleas from both his warder and John Orridge, the governor of the prison.

I am guilty; my sentence is just; I deserve my fate; and, may God have mercy on my Sluts in eriswell. The body was taken back to the courtroom at Shire Hall, where it was slit open along the abdomen to expose the muscles. The crowds were allowed to file past until six o'clock, when the doors were shut. According to the Norwich and Bury Post, over 5, people queued to see the body. Reports circulated around Bury St Edmunds that a "galvanic battery" had been brought from Cambridge, and it is likely that the group experimented with galvanism on the body; [21] a battery was attached to Corder's limbs to demonstrate the contraction of the muscles. The sternum was opened and the internal organs examined.

There was some discussion as to whether the cause of death was suffocation ; it was reported that Corder's chest was seen to rise and fall for several minutes after he had dropped, and it was thought probable that pressure on the spinal cord had killed him. The skeleton was to be reassembled after the dissection and it was not possible to examine the brain, so the surgeons contented themselves with a phrenological examination of Corder's skull. The skull was asserted to be profoundly developed in the areas of "secretiveness, acquisitiveness, destructiveness, philoprogenitivenessand imitativeness" with little evidence of "benevolence or veneration".

Several copies of Corder's death mask were made and a replica of one is still held at Moyse's Hall Museum. Artefacts from the trial, some of which were in Corder's possession, are also held at the museum. Corder's skin was tanned by surgeon George Creed and used to bind an account of the murder. InCorder's bones were removed and cremated. Ann was only a year older than Maria, and it was suggested that she and Corder had been having an affair and that the two had planned the murder to dispose of Maria so that it could continue without hindrance. Ann's dreams had started only a few days after Corder married Moore, and it was suggested that jealousy was the motive for revealing the body's resting place and that the dreams were a simple subterfuge.

Both claimed that they had taken their dead child to be buried in Sudburybut no records of this could be discovered and no trace was found of the child's burial site. According to McCormick, Caroline Palmer, an actress who was appearing frequently in a melodrama based on the Red Barn case and had been researching the murder, concluded that Corder may have not killed Maria, but that a local gypsy woman might have been the killer. However, McCormick's research has been brought into question on other police- and crime-related stories, and this information has not been generally accepted.

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